Saturday, August 17, 2013

Social Media as Our Daily Bread

As one of the individuals of this present generation, can you live without social networking sites? Or, can you pass a day without spending an hour logging in on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram? Of course not, as long as technology is there and gadgets are everywhere, online life is continuous.
In 2006, Time Magazine made an interesting choice for person of the year. The person was “you” meaning more specifically, people who use the Internet to write articles, post videos or blogs, and contribute to different Internet groups. Essentially, the “you” referred to another word that has become more frequently used in the past few years, “netizen.” The word comes from the combination of the terms Internet and citizen.
 Cyber world, the world of computers and communications begets online life. How people can live without this life if it keeps you connected and updated?
Social networking sites increase social interaction and connections. In just a snap of your finger, you can easily send your message with the helping hand of the internet. You can chat without actually going places and learn things that are happening today. We actually express our feelings when we respond on these types of networking sites and interact in every way. Also it will help you find people you haven’t seen for so many years. Impossible can be possible and distant places will no longer be distant if with just one click you can witness a video or a photo of it.
The anonymous can be famous. People who are afraid to be judge by others, or those who are introvert can hide their identity and post whatever they want to. They can also give comments and join debates without hesitations. They can express their point of view and have it challenged in a way they might not have seen it before. They get to have their own stance on issues.
There is no age limit. As long as you have the capacity to use it or you’re a computer literate, age doesn’t matter. Even a 4 year old boy can have his online life as long as he knows how to navigate computers or gadgets.
However, this type of life is more than tools for narcissists. Social networking sites are increasing in popularity but are really destroying natural and healthy interpersonal relationships and foster ignorance of the human condition. It has also its down fall. Sites like these can cause people to come passive and complacent without true social skills.
In this world, no life is perfect. It has always its ups and downs. But as a responsible individual, you must use it in a proper way that you won’t harm your fellows. Online life is actually a blessing if you don’t take it for granted. Everything has a limit. You can’t escape laws and rules. If you don’t abide it, the real world that created the cyber world will let you pay for your irresponsibility.

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