Wednesday, September 20, 2017


       I'm a fan of whitening products since 2007. I tried almost everything from soap to lotion to whitening capsules and injectables. When I stop injecting glutathione last March of 2016, I said to myself that I have to find a cheaper alternative to improve my skin complexion. After more than a year of searching, I found my new holy grail in whitening. 

      ShyN International Beauty Products offers a range of highly-effective skincare products that will make your everyday beauty routine more simplified for your busy schedule. They have this "3 easy steps to truly glowing skin." 
1. RADIATING SOAP (135g) - it deeply cleans pores for smoother and fresher skin
2. RADIATING TONER (60ml) - it nourishes and hydrates skin and prevents moisture loss.
3. RADIATING NIGHT CREAM AND SUNBLOCK (10g) - it promotes moisture retention and protects your face from the harmful sun rays and environmental  pollution. 

And the most awaited part of every product review is its PROS AND CONS. 
If your budget is tight and you can't afford an expensive dermatological treatments, this whitening set is what you need in your life. The price is Php 850.00. You save more if you buy it in SET. 

I saw my face glowing after 3 days. But you have to use all the products to make it work. 

When given a chance to meet the owner of ShyN, I asked her why their products are fragrance free. She told me that the ingredients are very concentrated and has no fragrance chemicals. So if you have perfume intolerance, this product is meant for you. 

Its sunblock has SPF 50 and you can use it as makeup base as well. A friend of mine told me that she doesn't need to use makeup foundation after applying sunblock. Before, she needs to apply foundation on her face. Now, she's just using a face powder. 

The soap lasts long. We all know that other kojic soaps easily melt in the shower but this soap is different. It may have the same color like other kojic soap brands but this one doesn't easily melt. It can compete with ordinary soaps for longevity. 

Recommended for all skin types. But I'll recommend it more to people who have pimples and dark spots.


I find the toner too strong for my skin. Since I don't have pimples, I guess it suits more for people who have pimps issue. I don't use it regularly. I'm using it also on my elbows and knees. 

The content of sunblock and night cream are just 10g each. Sunblock is very important to me so I use this everyday. I think it only lasts for 3 weeks. 

You can't buy this products at drug stores. You have to visit their website or their FACEBOOK page to order. 

After  more than a month of using SHYN. 

Comment down below your questions and I'll be happy  to answer it.
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