Sunday, February 16, 2014

Starting Over Again: The Movie That Will Tear Every Audience's Heart

       Have you experienced loving someone and you thought it's perfect, but one day you wake up and everything has changed, you wondered what went wrong but no one could answer your question? 
       Starting Over Again is a movie about missed opportunity and lost love. The story revolves  around a former lovers Ginny played byTony Gonzaga and Marco played by Piolo Pascual have long gone their separate ways, but the circumstances of their breakup have left both of them with unanswered questions. After four years of their break up, Marco wrote a letter to Ginny about their story, when and where did it started and how does it end. Ginny's thought was caught by the last part of the letter saying that Marco is still hoping that one day they'll see each other and will be together again. The movie goes backward and forward as their past slowly unraveled. I don't want to be a spoiler, so the readers must watch it to know more about the story, if they will be together again or they met for a closure. 
      Every line from this movie will struck its audience's emotion. One of my favorite line is adik ka na naman sa pag-asa, try mo kayang lumaklak ng realidad, at first I laughed but I realized that reality will lead someone who's still holding his/her past to let go and move on. Hope is a positive attitude but when it comes to love it can be poisonous. 
     Speaking of the word "pride" if you'll use this a detergent it's good but if you posses this in life it's bad. Pride is the main reason why Ginny and Marco gone separate ways, if Ginny didn't waste her time to explain to Marco what she has in her mind and heart maybe Patricia De Guia played by Iza Calzado won't have a chance to intervene in their lives. She lost her chance, she didn't give importance to it. Actually I hate Toni Gonzaga's role because she made him realize that he is all that she ever wanted and they will be together as they build their dreams. There is so much to learn from this movie. Yes it has flaws! But, it will teach you a lot of lessons. The best thing that I learned from this story is to let go of something that is not meant for you anymore.
      Starting Over again is a well made romantic comedy movie. Kudos to its Director Olivia Lamasan and its writer who has lots of hugots. It has a modern and unique ending. You won't regret watching it and I'll guarantee you won't easily forget about it because it will embrace your mind and stir those emotions that you are hiding for a long time. 

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